Dog Water Bottle – Reviews & Top Picks

If you are just looking for the best gift for dog lovers, you have found it here by chance.The dog owner was full of praise for the sober dog bottle.The quality, durability and practicality of dog water bottles and bowls surpass other dog products on the market.

About not only provides pet gift, they also provide high-quality gift for everyone (yes, even non dog lovers / owners).

All their products are inspired by Japanese culture;Hence the name adobe, which means interesting and playful nature.

The product is easy to, clean and beautiful.

The brand color is orange (just like us), because it symbolizes happiness, happiness and creativity.We like it!

Their products enjoy a lifetime warranty – easy returns – Free Shipping (orders over $50).

Favorite Gifts For Dog Owners: Asobu Dog Kettle And Bowl

Stainless steel water bottle has a convenient size – 33 ounces.The base is a water bowl for your best friend.

Simply delete the bowl from the bottom of the bowl and pour the water from the thermos into it.When a furry friend finishes drinking, he just shakes the water out and screws the ball back onto the bottle.

Does the water in the sober bottle stay cool?Yes!It vacuum insulates and its contents can be refrigerated for several hours.

What else is good about this gift for dog lovers?Absolutely.Making sure the bottom is non slip and has an easy to grip handle.Great for walking, hiking or playing in the park with your dog.Carry-on!

Asobu Bottle Colors

Dazzling color and anti fading.You can choose:

  1. Gouache Marble
  2. Black
  3. Blue
  4. Midnight Marble
  5. Mint Green
  6. Pink
  7. Smoking
  8. Off-White
  9. Wood

Dog Owners’ Questions About Dog Water Bowls And Bottles

When buying gifts for dog lovers, make sure they well receive.Look at some of the dog owners’ questions about this.

Is this dog water bottle and dishwasher safe?

It considers safe to put the water bottle on the top shelf.Mild cycles without heating and drying are best, but some dog owners report that regular cycles do not damage their adobe bottles.

Is there any class in this product?

Double insulation is made of plastic instead of glass, so there is no glass.

Are insulated storage areas lined with copper like other adobe products?

Yes, but the outer layer is stainless steel.

Are smaller sizes available?

At present, the sober bottle is only 33 ounces, but there are other varieties of bottles, such asĀ Asobu Urban bottle and Orb Bottle, which are smaller.They also took the perfect gift for the dog owner.

Where the product produces?

The product is taken in China.

Can dog food be kept in a detachable dog bowl?

No, because the dog bowl is screwed on the battle of the bottle. There is no space.However, you can set the dog food in a bottle, remove it and pour it into a bowl.

Dog Owners’ Views On Sober Bottle

Amazon’s comments were very popular, with a score of 4.7 (out of 5).Most pet owners say it is sturdy, stylish and a great product to transport around.

Some pet owners think the bottle is too heavy when full.It weighs 33 ounces, the same weight as the Yeti or hydrolysis bottle.

How To Buy This Gift For Dog Lovers?

You can visit this gift for dog lovers on asobubottle selling price is $34.99 (original price is $36.99)

Amazon’s adobe bolt costs $29.99, and primary members can deliver goods free of charge and return goods easily.

The sober bottle is indeed the perfect gift for dog owners.It is not just your loved one’s favorite gift, but also makes his / her dog very happy.This is the reason why the dog guide highly recommends it.We believe in happy dogs and happy owners.

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