I Tried the asobubottle.com Dog Water Bottle

One of the best things about owning a dog (apart from constant affection and overwhelming loveliness) is to get a built-in hiking partner.Although I am far from being a serious hiker, I like to explore the different trails and parks around my North Carolina home on weekends, and apologize to my husband completely. I found no better partner than our dog Ellie.Weighing 65 pounds and energetic, she always likes to walk in the woods – so whenever we start a new adventure, I make sure to bring not only my necessities, but also her things, including snacks, a long belt, and a water bowl.

For years, whenever I took Ellie, a Caribbean pastry dog, on a hike or road trip, I would buy a $5 collapsible water bowl at a holiday souvenir shop. Regardless of the fact that it was very good, I always knew that there might be a better choice there.So when I was sent to try the dog bowl water bottle in AsobuBottle.com, I was very curious about how it would compare.

Stainless steel bottle is a combined project for storing water for people and pets. There is a conventional vacuum thermos on the top and a detachable non slip pet bowl on the bottom.All you get to do is unscrew the base and fill it with water. Then you and your dog can happily replenish water.I was very interested. Before going hiking with Ellie recently, I filled the bottle with ice water.Unlike my regular HydroFlask, there is no locking function, but the cover fits well enough to prevent overflow.As for the bottle itself, it is sufficient to hold 33 ounces of water.Ido not know if it fits my little backpack, but fortunately, it just went in.

Ellie Is Enjoying A Drink From The asobubottle.com Dog Water Bowl.

Despite its size, the bottle is not heavy, so it’s easy to enjoy hiking without complaining about the extra weight.In the middle of our journey, we established to have a rest, so I twisted down from the bottom and poured some water for Ellie.She immediately swallowed it while I enjoyed the (still frozen) water from the bottle.When she finished, I slid the base back and wrote down that we would clean it when we got home.

On the whole, I am very pleased with the bottle, which is still the case.Despite the fact that it is a bit bulky and not suitable for a casual walk with a small bag, it can hold a large amount of water and keep the temperature low for several hours.The detachable bowl is smart and convenient, not to mention cute, with interesting paw prints and bone patterns.(the bottles I actually own are neutral, slightly boring pure black and silver, although you can buy other cooler options, such as Millennium pink, white or even wood.)Then there is the easy grip handle, which makes it easier to carry other items with you than a typical bottle.

Available on Amazon or bed bath and beyond for $30. This bottle is comparable to many other thermos bottles and is even cheaper if you consider not having to buy an additional pet bowl.As long as I have a heavy enough backpack and an enthusiastic canine companion ready to use it, I plan to use it for many hikes and trips.

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